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The Big Four – Auditors or Consultants?

Over the decades I have worked with the Big Four Accounting firms in a variety of roles. Heck, some folks in the firms used to refer me to their audit clients that needed eDiscovery/IG process and system consulting.  The line between auditor, accountant and other professional services was simpler before the [...]

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Meet Your Editor – Greg Buckles

CSI Days Way back in 1989 I escaped Rice University with a bachelors degree in Chemistry and a burning passion for forensics. I started as a Criminalist for the Houston Police Department and volunteered for all of the dirty jobs that got me out of the lab and into the field. [...]

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eDJ – How did we get here?

To understand the aspirational purpose of the new eDiscovery Journal it helps to understand how we got here. Way back in the late 1990's litigation support and eDiscovery was just getting started. There were not many of us wrestling with the first versions of Summation, iConect, Encase and IPRO imaging. Duane [...]

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The New eDiscovery Journal Needs Your Perspective

So why have I spent months developing yet another Word Press blog site?  The site was designed for commercial publication of our market analyst team’s research and perspective.  It did not allow the broader community to comment, post questions and participate other than our surveys.  The new eDiscovery Journal is [...]

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