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Business Intelligence? Recommind Review Dashboards
Greg Buckles
LTNY has become THE season for major product and pricing releases. My search bots and daily Google digests are blowing up with press releases ahead of the show. I doubt that Recommind’s divestiture of their Decisiv email analytics product/IP to NetDocuments… [more]
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eDJ Research Reports
2014 Analytics Adoption Survey - Provider Results
Seven question survey of eDiscovery providers examining adoption trends of eDiscovery and IG analytics. See aggregate results and eDJ Group analysis in final research report. [more]
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2014 Analytics Adoption Survey - Consumer Results
2014 Analytics Adoption Report
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2014 eDiscovery Provider Hosting Market
Providers Only Please! Hosting fees have been a staple of the eDiscovery provider revenue for over a decade. Are your… [more]
2014 eDiscovery Consumer Hosting Costs
Consumers Only Please! Are you still paying monthly hosting fees for your review collections? All of the anti-trust concerns… [more]
eDJ Events Calendar
Legal Tech New York
02 - 03 - 2015
2015 Legal Tech New York - The big show in the Big Apple. Be there or be square. Greg and Mikki have already started booking briefings and social events, so get a move on! [more]
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